Steel Rake Toke Box & Bill Slot - Home Style

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This toke box is tough, durable steel. Unlike plastic brands, our box is built to last. Measuring approximately 9" long, 5" tall, and 5" wide, it includes a mounting bracket and bill slot.

The bill slot is custom-configured to work seamlessly with the toke box. Simply attach the steel plate to the underside of your poker table with screws (not included), and the toke box will slide into the plate and effortlessly lock in place.

Just like in the casino, the toke box features a dual locking mechanism. One lock secures the door to the box to ensure it cannot be opened. The second lock secures the box to the plate to ensure the box cannot be taken from the table without being unlocked.

The steel handle ensures the box can be easily pulled out from the table and the rake can be easily removed.

About This Item:

  • Tough, durable black steel
  • Secure dual-locking mechanism to ensure the box stays put and isn't opened by anyone but the keyholder
  • Lost a key? No problem! Each box comes with two sets.
  • 9" long, 5" tall, and 5" wide
  • Includes custom-fitted bill slot for easy collection of bills and chips
  • Sorry, but other hardware is not included