Slim Line Toke & Rake Lock Box - Home Style

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Create a professional and secure gaming experience with a double-locking mechanism and 18 pounds of solid steel. On the casino floor, when it's time to collect the lock box, a security guard will use one key to unlock the box from the outer shield mounted to the table and deliver it to the count room. From there, a separate employee uses the second key to unlock the box itself and recover the contents. This whole process ensures any rake and toke are never tampered with.

And just like on the casino floor, our lock box requires two separate keys to open: one key snaps the slot in the top shut and unlocks the box from the outer shield and a second key unlocks the box itself. Security guard not included.

The outer shield of our lock box includes 5 holes that allow it to mount directly to the underside of your poker table. Works great in tandem with our slide drop (sold separately), which mounts to the top of the table and allows chips to be dropped in with a quick pull on the slide. Guarantee any chips, bills, or other winnings dropped from your table are staying put.

Low on table real estate? That's perfectly fine. Measuring just under 6" wide, this box features a slim profile that fits great in narrow spaces. Standing 8.25" tall and 12" deep, it's still spacious. That's enough room for over 650 poker chips. And the sturdy handle ensures that transporting the weight of 650 poker chips (about 14 pounds) is safe and easy.


About This Item:

  • Secure: 18 pounds of durable steel
  • Professional: double-key security with spring-loaded locking mechanisms
  • Slim, but spacious: just 5.75" wide, 8" tall and 12" deep, holds over 650 poker chips
  • Sturdy carrying handle for safe transport
  • Slide drop and poker chips sold separately