Million Dollar Video Poker

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Learn the Secrets of a Video Poker Winner!
In August 1993, Bob Dancer came to Las Vegas with $6,000 and a six-year-old car. Seven years later, he had a million dollars and a new Mercedes -- all from playing video poker.

MILLION DOLLAR VIDEO POKER takes you into the mind of the world's best-known video poker player, as he relates the ups and downs of his wild ride to video poker royalty.

MILLION DOLLAR VIDEO POKER recounts the lessons learned during those seven years, including techniques for accumulating and managing a bankroll, evaluating promotions, coping with losing (and winning) streaks, negotiating with casinos, dealing with other players, finding and exploiting profitable opportunities, honing and maintaining playing skills, and maximizing comps along the way.

Never before has a top video poker professional shared so many of his secrets for winning. If you want to conquer the casinos, this book is a must-read.

About the Author:
Bob Dancer is the world's foremost video poker expert. A regular columnist for Casino Player, Strictly Slots, and the Las Vegas Review-Journal, tens of thousands of casino enthusiasts look to Bob Dancer for advice about playing their favorite gambling game. His Video Poker Strategy Cards, Winners Guides, videos, and software are the best-selling video poker tutorials of all time--making Bob Dancer the most sought after source of video poker advice in the country. When he's not chasing jackpots, Bob can be found teaching video poker strategy to standing-room-only crowds in casinos around the country.

Book Excerpt:
Playing the $100 machine, Shirley started with Ace-Queen-Ten of Hearts and two small spades. I know which cards she held, because we have pictures of them—plus the King of Hearts and Jack of Hearts that arrived on the draw. Four hundred big ones! Shirley turned around and looked at me. Eyes wide open. Speechless. I'd told the staff that if Shirley ever connected on the big royal flush, they'd all need new eardrums, she'd be screaming so loud. Turns out I was wrong. She didn't say a word for the first 15 seconds, then all she managed to whisper was, "Oh my God."

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Editorial Reviews:

An intriguing behind-the-scenes look at the life of a professional gambler. From the lows of hustling $2 coupons to the highs of hitting a $400,000 royal flush, Dancer reveals what it took to make him the winningest video poker player in the world." —Steve Bourie, author American Casino Guide

“Bob Dancer’s newest book Million Dollar Video Poker is one of the best books ever written about Video Poker. We strongly recommend this book as a must read.” — Casino Player Magazine

“The best advice I have never read for a wannabe professional player.” — Video Poker Reviews

Paperback, 262 pages, 8.5 x 6.1 x 0.6 inches