EZ Clear Shutter Bingo Cards, Pack of 50

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Ditch the daubers and eighty-six the chips. Say no more to inky, achy fingers and wasted paper. This variety pack of shutter Bingo cards from Royal Bingo Supplies is clean, organized, and convenient. Each shutter card has its own colorful markers built right in. Just use your fingertip to slide cover up your numbers, and when the game's over, give the Free space a slide to the left to reset your whole board in seconds. That's why we call it EZ Clear! Measuring a sizable 7 inches square, these cards are a little bigger than your standard Bingo card, and feature bold, visible 1/2-inch numbers. Best of all, each set of cards comes with 5 retro-inspired designs that look sharp and classy. They've even got matching shutters.

Why You'll Love It:

Shutter bingo cards eliminate the mess of traditional bingo cards. There's no more struggling to pick up dozens of tiny Bingo chips, and no more inky, messy waste with daubers and disposable paper Bingo cards. Hardy and reusable, you only need to buy shutter bingo cards once. Save yourself some money, and save your achy fingers some grief.


Each variety pack of shutter bingo cards comes with 5 unique, retro-inspired card designs in 5 colors: purple, mint, red, orange, and robin's egg blue.

Please Note!!!

Packs of 25 cards feature 25 unique number patterns, but if you need more than 25, choose the 50-pack. If you buy multiple 25-packs, we cannot guarantee unique number patterns.