Set of 5 Bingo Daubers - Pink Glitter

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If you play bingo on a regular basis and like to use multiple cards, particularly those with laminated surfaces, bingo daubers may be a great alternative to plastic markers.

When using laminated bingo cards, daubers are more efficient than plastic chips because the ink can be wiped off and the cards can be used again. Similarly, if you play bingo with multiple cards, it's faster and easier to mark your spaces with a quick dab of ink than it is to place a marker. Daubers are also more convenient because you don't have to worry about chips sliding off the card, causing you to lose track of which spaces have been called.

Each dauber within this set features an easy grip bottle for comfort and convenience. The bright neon glitter ink makes your marked spaces stand out, eliminating any confusion.

These neon glitter daubers are perfect for bingo halls, senior centers, fundraisers, parties and more. Get your set today!